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  1. TY 🙂
    I have a question as I've just bought the software a week ago:
    I was trying to learn through ZClass on your pixologic's website as well as youtube channels:

    I got stuck with my model – I have a decent mesh – 355k / 1.4m dots.. the problem is:
    I can not use my brushes on entire mesh but only on 1 or 2 specific tiny edges covering one of the polygroups..
    When I raised the topography from main sphere – the side of the stretched surface is editable – in 2 areas out of many more.. 🙁
    I've tried to change it to – creat polymesh 3d etc.. nothing helps. please advise
    Thanks in advance!!
    Best Regards,
    Eyal 🙂

  2. Sorry if this is a silly question. I am using zbrush for the first time. But the sphere I am using does not have the mesh as shown in the video. I am using default polyshere. I am really confused. Please help.

  3. Hello once again, one more doubt. My zbrush crashes whenever I click PANEL LOOPS option. I even turned off the double option . What can be the problem ?

  4. Ok…sorry for bothering again, but I found out what was happening. The problem was the topology was bad and I didn't use group loops on it previously. So this time I used it and the problem was solved. Thank you any ways. This channel is very useful, I am learning a lot through it. Thanks a lot 🙂

  5. Sir, that is the clearest and most straight to the point tutorial on Hard surface i've seen until now, and i've seen a lot of them. Thank you for your help and please, go on, you are very good at explaining how all this works.

  6. Im totally newbie in zBrush, so I didn't understand what hotkeys you using – it isn't dispays anywhere. Im not a native speaker of english, so it's kinda hard to understand, but it's harder when I need to google all of what you talking about. Anyway, very usefull tutorial.

  7. Ah, I can see in the comments that some people are very new to 3D, and some (like me) know their way around Z and just want a few choice nuggets of info on hard-surface modeling. 😀 Definitely can't please 'em all.

    I thought your pacing was great for me. Nicely-explained. Note, I'm pretty sure that with drag-rect you can use the spacebar to re-position it so you don't have to keep dragging.

  8. Hey thanks for the tutorial. About 4 minutes in you toggling between point and edge selection from the standard brush mode. Is there a hot key for that–for me I only get those options in the zmodeler brush. Thanks!

  9. Thanks you so much. This is by far the easiest Hard surface tutorial I could follow as a beginner. My ball doesn't look the same than yours, but I got something similar. So to me that's a success. Thanks for the time you give and the videos. I liked, shared and subscribed. looking forward learning from your other videos


  10. i don't understand how people are praising this as a good tutorial. It's hard to follow. He's pressing buttons and doing stuff i haven't seen yet so inpossible to do. Fuck this.

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