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Thông báo chiêu sinh thường xuyên Lớp Học Zbrush Online. Chi tiết đăng ký tại:

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  1. Really realy useful…I've had to make a T-hose like that and has become a nightmare with a million polygons in it…

    I'm gonna repeat again and try to see how many polygons result. 

    Thank you very much!.

  2. Nice tut, I am planning to jump from Zr5…. as i think new tools are way badass compared to the version on which i am stuck on…

  3. Wow! Really Amazing. I was having a lot of difficulty figuring this out the other day. thanks for sharing. Great tutorial.

  4. Im having a bit of a problem with the making. Even though I select "mask poly" it masks the surrounding polys. I can't get the mask to only mask the the circle in the middle. Not sure why. It is like the mask is blurred and reach several other polys. I do select poly with alt+click. Any ideas why?

  5. im a begginer, how did you do the extruction, i mean i cannot open dat menu, thanks for the video (im a max user, i already understand a bit of zbrush, but the interface is so confuse for me haha)

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