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  1. Finaly an actual tutorial that teaches you by showing you what would actually happen, lol, crtl+n should be the most obvious feature on this app, JEESH

  2. when i draw a subject, then i undo it,it happen i can't edit my object back..i can't button edit back,why it happen?can anyone tell me whats happen?

  3. When im in subtool mode, I have a Figure head I've sculpted, and inserted two spheres for the eyes. I can only select the eyes no matter what I do, what tool I use, brush, hide the eyes, the head is completely frozen. What am I missing?

  4. That's awesome, but how if I don't want to get rid of the other geometry that I created, you mentioned that it will only work on the last shape that you created, what if I want to pan between them like I have more than one shape, what can I do.

  5. Great tutorial! I have a problem though with the simetry points on a sphere, when i press "X". The simetry points are staying just on the axys, they dont follow to shape of the sphere. How can i solve it? I hope you understand what im asking. Ty!

  6. I have to say, I have watched a lot of tutorials lately. Most people really don't know what most of the tools do. The fact that you have explained how and why you might use it, is very helpful. Thanks for your time.

  7. Thanks man. I recently got zbrush and just adding different geometry and attaching to another mesh is super hard to figure out. I'm used to maya. zbrush was and still is a nightmare to perform simple tasks. the move scale and rotate have me fucked on how to use them properly. A tutorial would be very much appreciated. Whats with all the fucking circles and handles it never does what I want it to

  8. Thanks Dude! This *ucking user friendly "Ctrl+N" made me mad… after tonns of lessons about meshes, polygroups, UV wraps and sculpting I almost got a heart attak unable to delete some shit from the canvas… what is worse, it's not so easy to find how to do it… most of lessons starts with "press T to edit"… many thanks dude and bless you )!

  9. I know these are old tutorials but I watched all 11 episodes, if I'm not mistaken or missed any other episode. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I have a couple of questions and hope you still check your channel to get back to me. How can I work with a mesh model that has textures, (a face mesh). How can import the mesh WITH textures in Zbrush and modify it inside zbrush w the brushes? I need to be able to see the entire texture of the face because I want to work over certain places to modify the look of the face. I got a alien face w a tattoo that run all over the head and part ofthe face I want to protrude some of the tattoo lines so the tattoo which is another face (a face of an animal) is coming out of the alien skin as a relief if you understand what I mean. I hope you still read your messages. Thank you in advance.

  10. firstly thank you so much!! I am a very beginner and i have problem :'( maybe you could help me? I have multiple subtools and I appended a zsphere; drew it, put it in place and I wanted to edit it but it didn't let me. Messed it up trying to fix it and now there is only one subtool on my screen and the others are not visible. I can see them on the subtool menu and the eye thingy is turned on. Cant do anything, when i try to edit it it only adds the same one again :/ Dont know what im doing wrong 🙁 please help me 🙁

  11. ive come across an issue… ive loaded my previous work as a ztl file, but i can do is add more of my previous made model. i cant rotate or anything, and i cant go into edit mode either, please help.

  12. finally good tutorial ! i was searching for someone that speak with clear english, coz i dont understand some accents. And also, showing the function of every button is really great m8 ! 🙂 good job

  13. Thanks so much for being so concise and so well organized. A lot of the times in these tutorials the information is coming too slow and you end up skipping or zoning out. Excellent job!

  14. Hello, i made two seperate models, and i want to put them together and use matchmaker. I'm not sure how to add the second one into subtool. 'Insert' seems to allow only to pick one of zbrush forms like cube or sphere, and there is no way to load any of my files. Is there any way to do that? 🙂

  15. Thanks…it has been really useful to "remember" the tools, for I have not been in this since some months ago. Great!!!!

  16. great tutorial, thanks very much – I had a quick question regarding the subtools palette, I'm creating a piece that is built from 'IMM Clod' brushes combination of rocks. I start with a sphere then draw ontop with my IMM Clod rocks; when I want to add another rock I draw on the previous one and then click 'split to parts' which is great, but it greys out the previous rock on my subtool lists; not letting me edit it/or go back to it. Any ideas? Thanks.

  17. Wow!! i learned how to sculpt for months, but i didn't know most of the basics of zbrush .lol.

    Better than the selling tutorials out there.

    Keep it up!

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