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  1. The opacity doesn't work. I added the opacity channel from the other 2 minute video that you provided, but when I came back to 42:00, the opacity was not smoothly transitioning. Instead, it was pixalated when I was moving the opacity bar to black. Any fix to this?

  2. okay, the fuck, when i add the dark coated metal material to anything BUT the rail latches, it turns out great, but for some reason when i add it to the rail latches it becomes this weird silver color.

  3. Good stuff but if you use texture sets by material IDs does that mean that you for example here will come out of the project with 6 different 2k texture sheets for one bloody holo sight?! really nice but tis a bit overkill! Am I missing something?

  4. Well, here I am with a complaint between all these nice comments about your tutorial. Why the hell did you not provide the project file in the initial state or at least an FBX with the asset before creating the textures? I am trying to follow your instructions step by step and I end up being frustrated since I can't remove the normals and all the other stuff that you added. I don't get it. Why do a step by step tutorial without including the required project file??? Wasted an hour already and I can't even start your exercise.

  5. I need help with substance painter (3D texturing software), because i am trying to import a material from substance alchemist (material maker software) and when i import it is shown in an alpha channel (basically i have a white ball instead of the actual texture) can somebody help me? thanks

  6. Im am kinda new to blender and when i found out about this program i cried a bit… and when i saw you can remove seams fr… from your models i think i fell in love god bless you really i love you 🙂

  7. I have tried everywhere. I recently downloaded painter and Designer. When I click Designer it opens fine when I click on painter the art work appears then nothing. Can someone help

  8. Okay so from my understanding the ambient occlusion gets put on the corners of the mesh therefore we use the ambient occlusion as filter for edge wear correct? So my question is when trying to bake an ambient occlusion map i see that it asks for a high poly mesh and a low poly mesh. Why do we need a high poly mesh to bake ambient occlusion? Could you please be kind enough to explain the process behind baking? I am very confused about this baking and how the process works. From my understanding ambient occlusion adds fake shadows but what is the process behind this and how does it know where to put the shadows? Thank you for being kind enough to read my message. Hope to hear from you guys soon. Thanks. Have a extraordinary day kind sir.

  9. Very good tutorial, thanks a lot!
    I am just curious, is there any reason why you layered the materials the opposite way, as they would appear in reality? ( metal edges on top of the paint)
    The other way round you would'nt have to bother with changing the blending mode of the normal-map layer?
    Or was it just for the sake of showing the feature of changing the blending mode of each layer separately?

  10. OMG!! when i saw its going to be one hour long ..i was like i will skip some points or will just double up the speed…..BUT YOU MADE ME WATCH THe ENTIRE TUTORIAL WITHOUT EVEN BLINKING …..ITS AMAZING ..HATS OFF…. THANKS 🙂

  11. I'm using substance painter 1.7.3 and even though the layout is similar, I don't have the options you do, like searching for the grundge scratches or even a texture named grundge scratches dirty. I tried to follow along but ho-lee crap does my metal layer look like a steamy turd, do you guys have a tutorial that is similar to this that uses a version closer to mine?

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