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‘SEA FEVER’ (Clip 1)

SEA FEVER (Clip 1)

As death approaches an old man struggles to recall a forgotten poem. As the misplaced words return his mind is filled with lucid imagery, he is transported into a world of vivid memories and dreams: a lost time, a loved place, a laughing fellow rover.

Sea Fever is the collaborative effort of two emerging young filmmakers Tom Massey and Daisy Gibbs. The two met at the Arts Institute Bournemouth (now AUCB) and collaborated to make the piece for their final major project.

Both artists are fascinated by the perception and meaning of the words ‘sight’ and ‘real’. The film is a semi-abstract piece, representational and dreamlike in execution.

The technique used to create the strange ‘moving painting’ effect is called ‘Rotoscoping’, a method that involves drawing or painting over live action film. The film was initially shot on location in Cornwall, every frame was then printed out, hand painted, re-shot and re-edited back together. This process of working translates the way in which distant memories are recalled; information is filtered, broken and altered presenting a distorted and warped representation of the past.

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