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  1. nice tutorial, thank you guy! Is it possible to make a tutorial regarding blender and substance painter workflow please? I make something with many details in zbrush, but dont know how to bring into substance painter and render in blender cycles, especially the maps baking and exporting, connecting them in blender shader. Sorry I am new to 3D but this would help many newbies. Thanks again FN!

  2. so why/when would you use this instead of baking a normal map? don't you need to apply the shrinkwrap prior to animating to prevent the shrinkwrap from recaulating each vertex each frame that are now in the wrong position?

  3. Sorry, I did not understand one thing (I am kinda new into Blender).
    How did you got that "low poly" version of your sculpt ?
    I tried to use the decimate modifier on my sculpt, but the results are nowhere like yours…

  4. Isn't it better to make a hi-res normal/displacement map? If you do it like in the video, wouldn't you have problems when it comes to animating the mesh?

  5. What is the point of projecting details on a low poly model if you gonna subdivide it so much anyway? Why not use normal maps? What am I missing?

  6. This is a good way of setting up a model for baking displacement. I once wrote a script for baking the displacement from the subsurfed mesh to the subsurfed/shrinkwrapped mesh to vertex colors as vectors. I'm going to make it into an addon at some point.

  7. another great tutorial, learnt a lot from you guys. I started off using student version of Maya but since blender 2.8 I've jumped onto blender even changed keymap so it works more like Maya making the switch much easier.

    I never really touched on animation with Maya except some simple little things but nothing major. I'm just wondering I take it with this shrink wrap set up and the equivalent in Maya/other 3D programs you can animate the low poly version and the hi poly version will still move along correctly? Just curious on how they animate hi poly models in films etc I'm assuming they do it this way?

  8. Im not sure i get it…whats the difference with this in comparison to using Zbrush and his "project" feature to transfer hi poly (details) to lower poly mesh…?

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