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Paint koi fish with Acrylic on canvas -Demo 3

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Paint koi fish pond using acrylics on canvas 30 x 40 cm by Art90op
Dem version of koi fish


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  1. Great video! I actually watched this video to get an idea for my most recent painting and my first upload to YouTube. Please go check it out guys thank you!

  2. Nice painting, BUT the front two fins looks like it's floating on top of the water while the tail is partially in the water. Not balance. Your fish looks like it's floating on top of the water. You have to paint the front two fins partially submerging in the water. Other than that, nice gills detail and nice painting.

  3. Lisondra used to give very detailed instructions,paint names etc. His pallet is almost always the same. Watch his videos under John Magne Lisondra.

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