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Old Red Door Step by Step Acrylic Painting on Canvas for Beginners

Doors are things you open when you want to pass through and close when you want to keep something out … or in. But symbolically, doors represent a lot more than that: transition, change, and opportunities that await us on the other side. What does this door represent to you?

Today we’re going to use layers to build depth of color and texture in this old stone wall and red door painting. Let yourself get lost in the layers and enjoy how each one changes the last as the textures build. Have patience and enjoy!

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I’m painting on a 12×16-inch stretched canvas, but you can paint on any type and size of canvas you like.

I used:
• Gesso (optional)
• A pencil and ruler
• A 1/2-inch flat brush
• #8 bright
• #3 round
• #1 round
• Stiff, natural bristle brush
• Mate Medium
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I’m using Liquitex Basics acrylic paint in the following colors:
• Mars Black
• Titanium White
• Unbleached Titanium White
• Cerulean Blue (any blue will work)
• Cadmium Red Medium
• Quinacridone Magenta
• Ultramarine Blue (any blue will work)
• Cadmium Yellow Medium (any yellow will work)
But you can use any colors you like.

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Notice: No part of this video may be reproduced or distributed without written permission from me. The painting demonstrated is owned by the artist and Pandemonium Art Gallery, and may not be reproduced except by individuals for the purpose of learning these techniques. This tutorial and painting presented are not available for commercial purposes and may not be duplicated to be used for classes or commercial sale without written permission from me.

The artwork contained in this video © 2018 by Jane Font All Rights Reserved

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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Thanks for watching!


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  1. I have missed a few weeks here recently. I am not following the reason for use of media layers. I understand using it for longer working time…you can refer me to a previous video, if that helps. I want to work on a barn/barn door side of a weathered barn; there are areas of bare wood, and areas of dark red with worn strips. What would you suggest as a base color? Blue hint in a brown? Second layer going into gray/brown, and third dry brush some barn red and areas of more gray weathered areas? If I understand what your doing; I will be adding some matte medium starting at second layer, and applying long strokes along the length of the boards. Do I have the right game plan, adding in shading/shadows as finalizing the overall look. Oh, also, as with this door; do structure first then do long grass, weeds and brush in foreground. Working dirt color as base…. Any thoughts, additional references to help will be appreciated.

  2. Another afternoon spent watching you paint. I’m having health problems so between watching videos and ordering from Amazon I’m kssping busy. Than you.

  3. Love this door. It’s definitely on my to do list. Thanks for being such a good teacher. I just started painting a few weeks ago and I’m addicted! I’ve already done 4 of your paintings. Who knew I could Paint? Can’t even draw a stick man but you make it possible.

  4. Beautiful!! I love this.. Can't wait to actually paint it. I love the hinges.. They actually kinda look like how the old ships were with the bow and stern. Very Viking ish 🙂 I always watch you videos before I paint them so I get a better feel for what to do.

  5. I love this. Thank you. If I wanted to use a blue door, would it work to reverse the over and underpainting colors? IE start with red, and cover it with blue layers? Thanks!!

  6. Hi Jane… I had to laugh when you used the word 'precise' and then followed it up with 'blop'. I'm assuming that 'blop' is just a bit more than a 'blob' and that Merriam-Webster will be adding 'blop' in next year's revised addition. PS… Would love to see a blooper video. This is all said in jest … I love your paintings and your instructions. Thanks so much.

  7. Jane, I love painting with you! I just finished this one "Red Door" painting. I got two all black canvas for Christmas, do you or can you do a painting using a black canvas?

  8. I just found you and subscribed!!! I love doors. Smile. I am eager to see what else you enjoy painting. Things I greatly appreciate about your videos: you are organized, explain well and consistently, without going off topic, skilled, also your videos and voice are professional. WELL DONE!!

  9. I love love this tutorial. I have watched this probably 50 times already and getting ready to watch it again. Im soaking as much as i can up before i give it a try. I enjoy watching you teach this painting so much. I just love everything about it.
    Thank you so much for making these free art lessons on youtube i dont know where i would be in my art journey with out them.
    Your awesome! And i love everything you do!

  10. Finally finished it, loved painting with you for this one, felt like we painted it together. Took me a long time due to being too busy with life to paint! This one is going in my office, so proud of it. Thank you, Jane❤️

  11. Hi Jane I am still pretty new to painting, I love the way you teach. I am going to following your instruction and attempt this one.

  12. Whatever painting I do, learned all from you. So, today I made this painting following your Instruction. Turned out great, after I was finished doing the painting, I kept looking at it with a big smile on my face and thinking"Did I really made this" I (Of course not good as yours) I wish I can share it with you. Really appreciate your videos and Thank you for your great teaching skills.

  13. Hi Jane, I just subscribed to your channel, because I think you are absolutely fabulous. I love the way you paint and teach at the same time. Love, love, love it. Now I would love to give this painting a shot, but rather would like to paint a blue door. Could you recommend what kind of blue shades to use for the door? Thank you so much, and please keep those paintings coming!!!! xxx

  14. I am a watercolorist of 3 years and decided to investigate acrylics. This door was my first and your style of teaching was just what I needed. You reminded me not to worry and showed me what a gentle touch looks like on brush bristles. The concept of under painting is interesting to me. How do you decide which color you want under the whole painting?

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