Nguyen Van Can

DATE OF BIRTH 05 – 01 – 1971
PLACE OF BIRTH Duy Xuyen– Quang Nam – Viet Nam
ADDRESS Duy Xuyen– Quang Nam – Viet Nam
POSITION Lecturer – Pedagogical of Arts –Collecge of Arts – Hue
PLACE OF WORK Secondary School Art and Culture – Binh Đinh
1998 Graduate from Collecge of Arts – Hue University
1998 Lecturer for Pedagogical of Arts – School Secondary Art and Culture – Binh Đinh
2012 Study Master degree Visual Arts – The Faculty of Fine and
Applied Arts – Mahasarakham University – Thailand.
Phone number: 84913451495
– Hiện là hội viên hội mỹ thuật Việt Nam
– Có tranh tham gia triển lãm tranh sinh viên toàn quốc năm 1992 tại Hà nội.
– Triển lãm cá nhân “Bóng hoàng hôn” năm 2007 tại Bình Định.
– Có tranh tham gia triển lãm khu vực nam miềm trung và tây nguyên tất cả các năm từ 1999 đến 2015.
– Năm 2014 có tranh được hội mỹ thuật vn chọn giới thiệu dự giải liên hiệp các hội văn học nghệ thuật vn.
– Năm 2015 có tranh được hội mỹ thuật vn chọn giới thiệu dự giải liên hiệp các hội văn học nghệ thuật vn
– Năm 2015 có tranh được chọn treo triển lãm mỹ thuật Việt Nam năm 2015.
– Có tranh trong sưu tập cá nhân trong và ngoài nước.

AUTHOR Nguyen Van Can
This visual arts creation thesis, “The symbol of my nostalgia” was received from the inspiration of the window, emotions from the urban architecture. The concept of this creation was the art works, it was based on personal feelings to express wishing to create a new perspective on the meaning of culture that lie deep in the hardening material crust of the walls, the windows seemed pointless. It was professional genre painting. This works had semi-abstract style.
With this inspiration, I chose the image of the house with large windows – small mix together which were main symbol in my paintings. Streets in the sense that the image of a domain memories, which contains both my childhood home with the familiar faces of my parents; with my wife and my children and the little house which I was living, with the apartments and my friends when I went to school, etc. This invisible nostalgia was covered by a dust of time.
I used the color flow technique for describe the space as well as the length of time to express my nostalgia in the separation. Beside, purple –gray color tones, blue-gray color tones (etc) expressed endless nostalgia about where I used to live. To express the aesthetic vibration when I unexpectedly saw the streets, I chose the way point color on the walls, on the roofs, on the trees, on the leaves, etc. Collisions strongly of color were created by the point color technical to show shimmering and magical in the dreams about my home, evokes in my heart a nostalgia about homeland.
Can say that, over a long period of learning and research, I have received comments and reviews of the arts council visual arts of Mahasarakham University, as well as the comments of the leading experts in the art of the country of Thailand, my work with the subject “The symbol of my nostalgia” was highly material technical, form, texture …These works are semi-abstract style of visual art, marked by the author’s own.

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