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Fluid Portray Pour Acrylic Paint, Pouring Medium & Floetrol on Huge Canvas

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A big canvas pour with DecoArt pouring medium and acrylic paint at the side of Floetrol. I truly love the fluid paint circulate of this one… And there have been a lot of cells that popped up. I did not use any silicone!

The daring magenta colour truly popped and got here thru. Combined this one a little thinner with the Floetrol and water so the paint got here off a little sooner than earlier pours I’ve performed. Fluid portray is such a lot a laugh! You by no means know the way a undertaking goes to end up. Operating with acrylics is really easy too. Water primarily based cleanup and you might be performed.

DecoArt Pouring Medium:


Artist’s Loft Steel Paints:

Artist’s Loft Go with the flow Paints:

Liquitex Gloss Varnish: started=7

Masterpiece Canvas:

Plastic Cups:

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21 thoughts on “Fluid Portray Pour Acrylic Paint, Pouring Medium & Floetrol on Huge Canvas

  1. Do you sell your work online?

  2. Incredible!!!! I love these colors, they make a beautiful pour! I held my breath the entire time you were tilting!!! My big canvas is otw from amazon and I can't wait to give this a go!!! Super video, thanks Carl!!!!

  3. I noticed I got a few drops of paint on my arm. What’s going on with me? LOL! I can’t believe I wasn’t wearing this!

  4. I really like the Decoart pouring medium.

  5. Pretty I like the way you have it on the wall the first time

  6. Love love love super nice painting

  7. Nice big piece. Beautiful that's all I can say ! Great job Carl.

  8. Nice job wild man. I think when many people envision how easy this is to accomplish that they don't want to pay much for a finished piece. Then, there are also many people that wouldn't want the mess, the cleanup and the expense so they would be more willing to pay a better price. Check out other artist's prices, I'm staying on the low end until more local people get to know my art. Lure them in then hook them good LOL.

  9. Huge canvas !!! Fantastic outcome , I love the colors Carl !!!

  10. You crack me up! Love it. Great video

  11. Another Fantastic painting! Love them all!


  13. Love your videos. What did you use on the painting after it dried?

  14. These large pieces are beautiful!!!!! ❤️

  15. great work as always …just wanted to let you know I use water to clean out my FLOOD containers and then use the water in my paint

  16. Hey Carl, when do you or don’t use glue?

  17. Another super job . Your going to run out of room soon. Keep doing more. Thanks

  18. could you not have used pvc?

  19. Would a regular tarp work for protecting white carpeting below these pours? I would love to start soon and there's white carpeting in the room.

    Thank you : )

  20. Super cool painting !!!! I love the large canvas, too! Keep up the great vids.

  21. Large canvases are very difficult to maneuver alone. I solved it by tacking either wood yard sticks or paint store paddles to the underside of the canvas. Leave enough sticking out to use as a handle. You’ll have a lot less difficulty.