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Arteza Canvas Assessment and a Turn cup Acrylic Pour Search for a bargain code within the description bar!

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It appears, my loss of sound results did not harm anything else. That is my favourite pour in a very long time. I simply love the unfavourable house and that blue! So beautiful towards the white. The ones cells are simply the correct quantity of wonky with out being loopy educate bizarre. I could have to do a Jupiter pour with those colours quickly.

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17 thoughts on “Arteza Canvas Assessment and a Turn cup Acrylic Pour Search for a bargain code within the description bar!

  1. Very pretty!

  2. Love the colors! I use Arteza paints, really vibrant.

  3. Beautifull!!!!!

  4. So lovely great colors

  5. An air compressor + one can buy artist pyramids to put under each corner of your canvas so you don't have to rely on how much you have to push your pins in……..+++++++ That pour was beautiful……….well done!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Beautiful, love the blue

  7. Awesome!!

  8. Love. And I'm also addicted to blue in my pours

  9. Beautiful! Tho I was disappointed that you didn't do a flip and drag. They usually work out for me, unlike some other methods. Have you tried using a hairdryer? I love the look, but the 2 times I've tried I could not get the paint to move! Maybe it was too thick?
    If you haven't tried, maybe you could experiment for us? If you have, let me know which video to look for. Thanks so much!

  10. wow i missed your video, checkin out the arteza prices WOW im ordering!! sooo back to the video…lol

  11. Beautiful love the cells

  12. Hi, you are doing a beautiful job.

  13. Hi. The link to your etsy shop isnt working. Can you provide another link?

  14. Newbie here. What does using the torch acomplish?
    I see every body using acrylics, i have a ton of indoor / outdoor satin enamel, can i use it for this?

  15. this is beautiful….

  16. This is flippin' gorgeous!!

  17. Wowza!!!