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🐚Acrylic Pour Portray Turn Cup Method Demonstration on LARGE Canvas 24 x 48🐚

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🐚Acrylic Pour Portray Turn CupTechnique Demonstration on LARGE Canvas 24 x 48🐚
Acrylic Pour 83 – HUGE Oyster
With this portray, I attempted to recreate my “OYSTER” portray that has been so fashionable in this channel, however on a miles higher scale. See the unique video right here;

Fluid Artwork, massive acrylic pour portray.
It is a nice demo of acrylic pouring for newbies.

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What do you assume?

Paint manufacturers, pigments and recipe indexed beneath!

Courtney Hoelscher – Artist / Teacher
I’m a full-time artist and trainer.
I supply Acrylic Pour portray tutorials and demonstrations.
It’s a laugh to make those artwork but additionally a laugh to simply watch the method.
I take advantage of most effective archival skilled high quality merchandise and not use silicone in my artwork.
In case you have any questions please be happy to touch me. I really like sharing my hobby and information.
My artwork is to be had right here:
Twitter: @choelscherart

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Colours used on this portray:
Golden Fluid Acrylics;
-Titanium White
-Iridescent Silver
-Micaceous Oxide
-Iridescent Pearl
Carbon Black

Paint Recipe:
Each and every paint colour is blended with
3x GAC800, 2x Floetrol, 1x paint


8 thoughts on “🐚Acrylic Pour Portray Turn Cup Method Demonstration on LARGE Canvas 24 x 48🐚

  1. Wow, this one is huge. Looks like waves on the shore at night. The nitpicking made fantastic detail.

  2. Love the b/w..always have……happy holidays❣️

  3. Nice! I like swipe my wife likes tree ring.
    I also liked your cup catch with mix color to re pour very cool

  4. Gorgeous!! Go big or go home lol!

  5. Love your work, do not like the loud music. I would rather hear from you. But I do love your paintings.

  6. Awesome

  7. Like your style, the negative space makes your painting more interesting

  8. Which acrylic pour painting technique do YOU prefer: FLIP CUP, SWIPE, or TREE RING?