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Acrylic Fluid Portray on Canvas Board – Arteza Overview

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That is my assessment for the Arteza Acrylic Paints and Canvas Forums. I used a fluid portray approach in conjunction with a palette knife approach and a swipe method at the fluid artwork. Extensively utilized Elmer’s Glue and silicone to create the impact of the fluid portray cells. For the palette knife impact I used common acrylic paint like the colours gold, copper, black, maroon, silver, sienna brown and a little bit little bit of parchment colour for the summary glance.

For the overall coating I used Liquitex Gloss Varnish on each art work.

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17 thoughts on “Acrylic Fluid Portray on Canvas Board – Arteza Overview

  1. Hey Carl, use your empty used paint bottles for these tubes. Clean the used bottles with paint thinner, rinse really really well, then dry really well. Add these paints. reuse and reduce law… LOL! OH! I got some beautiful cells from a hair product by Organix…. "LIQUID GLASS", it is a sleek 'n shine for hair and preformed great, for me that is….. I'll try to send you a shot of a new skin and board painting I did 5/15/2018.

  2. If you put a clear finish of some sort on the back, it tends to balance the board and might limit the warping.

  3. If you put a clear finish of some sort on the back, it might balance the board and limit the warping.

  4. I am new to acrylic pouring but have only used canvas board. They are cheaper than canvas and for what I'm using them for canvas board is more economical. I have done 7 boards and they have all warped. However, as they have dried I just keep bending them back straight every day and eventually they stay that way. The problem I am having is that I couldn't find a quality silicone lubricant. The only thing that I can find locally isn't leaving cells: ( it's been disappointing but I love the marbling.

  5. I forgot to tell you that I like the painting. Sorry lol.

  6. Came out great like the darker color it looks like chocolate

  7. canvas boards won't warp if you spray the back with water to balance the wetness :))) It really works. Same method with sagging canvas. Even now you still can straighten the warped boards by wetting their back and putting them for a day under something flat and heavy (before varnishing I guess….) Thank you <3

  8. Love the sideways swipe!!! I also enjoy and appreciate the shout outs to other artist. It says a lot about you as a person and an artist!!! Great video!!!

  9. thanks for sharing

  10. Loved the colors and cells! Thank you, Carl!

  11. my boards warp in summer when humidity is high,so i use them only in winter when air is dry ,

  12. Nice job. I think I prefer the stretched canvas…… I got a couple ideas though/

  13. Another awesome job Carl , I love both , the abstract is really interesting too !

  14. Hi Carl! Great pour! I’ve been missing your videos! Are you doing ok?

  15. Carl is there a video explaining why you prefer the embossing tool over a torch?

  16. Carl, can I ask, do you add any water at all in your glue or is just the straight white PVA as it comes from the bottle?
    Trying to source pouring products here in the UK is quite difficult, fortunately, the Arteza brand has only recently arrived in the UK and are on offer at the minute so I think I'll give them a try.