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(132) Flower dips on a mini canvas! acrylic portray diptych fluid artwork

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Only a few flower dips this night with left over paint! Go with the flow artwork acrylic paint acrylic portray! diptych, small canvas artwork, mini canvas

Colours: cobalt steel, paynes gray, cerulean blue, copper, gold, dioxazine crimson, white

Space paint base: 50% semigloss space paint, 50% floetrol, water for consistency.

Pm: floetrol, gloss medium 50/50

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29 thoughts on “(132) Flower dips on a mini canvas! acrylic portray diptych fluid artwork

  1. lovely paints 🙂

  2. Beautiful

  3. I love, love the results!! Just gorgeous Molly!

  4. I see beautiful hummingbirds in these paintings, Molly.

  5. ❤️❤️

  6. So beautiful Molly love these x Australia x

  7. Very pretty ❤️

  8. turned out lovely Molly! both so totally different. Never know what a dip will turn out to look like; and you got great results!!

  9. Just beautiful Molly!! I get the best reactions from people to my dips. They sell the best.

  10. Very pretty❣️

  11. Oh, its really beautiful 🙂

  12. Wow wow Merci!!!!!!!

  13. You make it look easy. Beautiful

  14. Wow that is an awesome technique!

  15. Beautiful, the second looks like it has a humming bird in it.

  16. Where do you buy your canvases? Your paintings are awesome!

  17. The one on the left looks like a humming bird. They are both outstanding! I learn so much from you

  18. I was not expecting that outcome! Really nice!

  19. Very nice pics but what kind of paper uses in this metter

  20. Love the color combo.

  21. Gorgeous!

  22. Absolutely breathtaking!

  23. One of my favorite of your artistry!!!

  24. Absolutely beautiful Molly! I'm completely new to acrylic Paint pouring so please excuse my ignorance. Do you use latex semi-gloss house paint just for the white base? And is it still wet when you start pouring the acrylic colours on top? Many thanks.

  25. I love this!!!!

  26. looks like a hummingbird!