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BobBlast 95 "Drawing Back onto an Acrylic Painting"

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Drawing Back onto an Acrylic Painting

I have just finished a Mentor Workshop in my studio in Arroyo Grande, California — so I am back working on my own work that I started during the workshop — a large acrylic painting on canvas — and now, I am drawing back into the canvas with charcoal and pastel.

Why? I like to draw. I also like to combine pure paintings and drawing at the same time.

Later, after I have finished, I’ll “seal” the charcoal with a fixative — I prefer SpectraFix, a casein-based fixative used for charcoal, pastels and watercolors.

Watch the video! I demo drawing with charcoal and give you a close-up of my materials.

Thank you for your interest, questions, comments and support!


22 thoughts on “BobBlast 95 "Drawing Back onto an Acrylic Painting"

  1. Love you, your so much fun, wish you'd do online classes.

  2. Hi I was wondering if you could use a varnish for your painting ??even with charolcol?? love your piece of work TFS Mairead in Ireland

  3. Just discovered "Bob Blasts!" Awesome! Please consider coming to the East Coast near Virginia!

  4. I so much appreciate the information given to us here in this video concerning how to use acrylic and charcoal and more than that, the fact of the Spectra Fix product! Now I know what to use.

  5. I'd LOVE to take one of your workshops, BUT I live I live in southern Italy. Kinda far, so I'll just have to hope that you will someday offer an online workshop…..or two!

  6. I love this and all your work. Where could I see this painting finished? I love it so far and would love to see the finished piece. Thanks

  7. Hi, it's very good to see you panted. I'd love have a workshop with you..when you planning to be in Boston?

  8. Thank you, Bob. These videos are hugely helpful. Can you continue to paint with acrylic after you spray the fixative to seal the charcoal?

  9. Very good video. I have most of those but dont use them often. Now I will thanks Bob

  10. For those of us who done have the luxury of folks carting off our Art, what about storage?
    I don't have much space, but I'd look like a hoarder, if I did as much Art as seems necessary to get even good enough to put in my own walls without shame

  11. I really enjoy watching your videos. I noticed your hands during a  close up. They look just like my father's hands who was also an artist. I could see that you have thumbnails like mine, which are flat and wide. In the study of Personology it indicates creativity. I create every single day. Thank you so much for your informative and very entertaining videos.

  12. I love watching you create!! I have learned so much from you!

  13. If you use charcoal on acrylic or oil painting, how to varnish it???

  14. I love watching your videos. I don’t think it’s like watching someone knit. You are exiting to watch and inspirational. Maybe a workshop someday?

  15. First time to ever make a comment, do you always ignore others questions?

  16. Thank you Bob! Will you be coming to Italy anytime soon? I found that abstract art is very popular here!

  17. Hey Bob…Are you ever coming to the UK?

  18. Inspiring!

  19. I really like that

  20. Where did the influence come from in this painting? DeKooning?

  21. Where did you find that massive chunk graphite? It looks Brilliant!

  22. I love watching you work