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mosaïque disque géométrique optique

estación: ESPACIO saudade pelo futuro incarnata muse lives life alive in illicit harmony experience love organic architecture whole new way of looking and seeing immersed in light painting now with no filter only 100% real organic naturally occurring analog physical geometric mathematical motion blur un poco loco algoRhythmic ambient guru perfection liquid flow god’s dj jet set design graffiti urb scribble urban bright chaos fractal iteration mad busy hectic highway freeway traffic strobing neon signs contemporary abstract expressionism vs. the representational and objective expression and communication of movement and light exploration by means of the rich language of film movies and music thru the fluent use of the vocabulary of moire patterns bokeh and high speed blurry light trails kinetic street art of photography long exposure multiple time distortion compression shooting dtla while driving fast smooth inspired by film noir Ridley Scott Blade Runner, Roman Coppola movie CQ, Ghost in the Shell, etc…

modern, abstraction, sublime, minimal, subliminal, disque, optique, moiré, orb, sun, star, planet, ambient, atmosphere, atmospheric, sci-fi, movie, cinematic, style, video, azulejos, mosaïque, mosaico, mosaic, retro, futuristic, poster

ortho projection mapping 3D dream subtle ambiance ying yang sun face mythological archetype symbolism que hubo cubos totally immersive cubic room cubism cubismo logo spin wax blacklight horizontal universal symbol exploding atomic FUEGO sunstar crown mandaLA wireFrame red rad radio flying out golden radial nuclear sepia vector in all directions at once ninja star ojos de brujo infographiste cyber goth rave punk rock ilusión óptica para vuestro placer retinal

Animated Blend Cymatics
Resonance Made Visible
Hard-as-Math Psichromatic Hipgnosis

#adobeillustrator #designer #abstract #algorithmic #vector #graphics #future #art #visual #artist #eye #minimalist #psychrometric #hipgnosis #opart #logo #packaging #record #cover #graphic #graphicdesign #lines #golden #light #reflection #symmetry #god #círculo #geometría #starwars

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