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Fluid-Art: Eye Painting on round canvas. Acrylic paint pouring

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What else can you do on a round canvas? An eye like Painting of course.

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Hi. My name is Santana Hagedorn and I’m an artist for acrylic paint pouring and fluid art from the Netherlands. This form of abstract and modern decorative painting is done with Acrylics brought to the right consistency with various pouring mediums, oils and additives. By moving the paint layers, playing with different tools or adding heat I create different effects. Very messy and very fun. The Paintings can be don’t know canvas, MDF frames, tiles or other flat surfaces. Can also be used to make daily items and gifts unique f.ex. little boxes or ornaments.
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25 thoughts on “Fluid-Art: Eye Painting on round canvas. Acrylic paint pouring

  1. very cool work indeed well done.

  2. Wow, love the fork idea! Just beautiful!

  3. I just came across this a few weeks ago. Having fun with the pours, but, I like to use after the pour as my canvas. I don't see many people doing that. I'm self taught artist. Watching you create the eye out of a pour was great.

  4. so cool

  5. what a great idea thanks so much ,Jim Brandt from Florida

  6. Hi for the last project what did you add to your paint ,silcone,flortrol,,water?

  7. one of the colors looks black in the cup but as you pour it looks possibly very dark blue, which color is it?

  8. Excellent! I am mixing acrylics to clear resin to give it some added protection for tabletops….. with a flood coat over the acrylic/resin pour for protection…. any experience with acrylic/resin pours?

  9. Very cool! Would love to see the dry finished product!

  10. thanks very nice

  11. Hello what exactly are u useing to make it glossy

  12. Gorgeous!

  13. Your colors are stunning! Is there somewhere that you list the brand and colors you use? Just beautiful! Love your technique as well!

  14. Beautiful! Pretty awesomely done! I might have to try it myself!

  15. I really like your videos, thank you for posting. But, it’s really distracting when you’re talking to have noise playing in the background.


  17. Omg so glad I found you, with my eye(s)

  18. I am sooo going to try this!

  19. I so love this! It would be wonderful to see a pic of it dry! VERY creative 🙂

  20. Where are you getting you're transparent paints? Or are you making them and if so how??

  21. جميل يا جميل

  22. Love the eye pours, different.

  23. I love this idea. As a suggestion I think you can try spreading a different shade of blue or another color with the fork instead of black. Then you can add the black pupil in the middle.

  24. Background music is too loud. Struggled hearing your dialogue. Awesome finish though.

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