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EASY SUNSET Giraffe Silhouette Acrylic Painting Tutorial for Beginners Live

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Learn how to paint a simple sunset with acrylics in this full length tutorial by Angela Anderson. Easy to follow instructions for beginners. Paint your own African savanna sunset with giraffe and tree silhouettes on canvas.

Materials Used:
9″ x 12″ Gesso Board:
Heavy Body Acrylic Paints:
Titanium White
Carbon Black
Dioxazine Purple
Quinacridone Magenta
Cadmium Red Light
Cadmium Orange
Cadmium Yellow Light
Acrylic Synthetic (Taklon or Nylon) Brushes:
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1/2″ Filbert
Fan Brush (Stiff Bristle)
#2 Round
Glazing Medium:
Paper Towels (Viva or Scott Shop)
Spray Bottle
Graphite Transfer Paper
Tracing Paper
Stylus Set
Canson XL Mix Media Pad (for practice):
Chalk or Scribe-All Pencils

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43 thoughts on “EASY SUNSET Giraffe Silhouette Acrylic Painting Tutorial for Beginners Live

  1. I'm new to all this. Do you use gesso to cover your board before you paint?

  2. Angela and Mark , you 2 are a beautiful couple , I enjoy  watching your tutorials and appreciate the technics you show us

  3. hahaha , explain all over again lol

  4. Thanks so much you two!!!

  5. so amazing

  6. Excellent job love your paintings I'm an artist to

  7. What did Mark said you use to clean the brushes??

  8. I have a problem.Some of my friends say that since i am painting so many pretty pictures that i could paint one for them.But they want it for free,How would you handle this.I can not afford to paint them all one for free.

  9. I really enjoy your work~You are so great at explaining things to us beginners

  10. Thanks Angela… super tutorial and my painting turned out OK.. just still having problems with the blending still.

  11. his just discovered your site. WOW so impressed with your techniques and ideas cant wait to apply some of these tks

  12. the fan brush work is great!

  13. Amazing Painting thank you for the great Art Tutorials

  14. I finally finished painting it! I started to paint along with you but stopped, took paint off, added giraffes, fixed. It was a lot of fun! Great sunset background to use with other silhouettes!

  15. Very beautiful!! Love the background colors!!

  16. So beautiful… love that sky!

  17. thank you, Angela

  18. beautiful Angela. I'm doing one like this but in a lavender and blue background.. to match one I did with Elephants. but I want to do this one when I'm done. I love your background..

  19. An early evening snack on possibly an Acacia tree in the backyard lol.. This has lovely color and would be a fun silhouette to paint. These paintings like these are really easy, but they make a great impact. Thanks for the tutorial.

  20. This is a beautiful piece, the colours are just great. I love your work, but I do struggle to hear your sweet little soft voice, esp when you're concentrating. Obviously, you can't help being softly spoken, but I just wanted you to know that on those other vids where you have closed captions, it really is appreciated. Many thanks.

  21. I can't wait to try this!

  22. Very enjoyable, and wonderful final product!

  23. what can i use for a substitution for the dioxaxine purple. I use liquitex basics so i dont have this color

  24. I just love the both of you.. Thanks for sharing, how do I get your tracings on the Tutorial? Thank You..

  25. साधे सोपे सुंदर पेंन्ट केले शिकन्या सारखे खूपच छान मजा आलीय .धन्यवाद .

  26. hi! Lakshmi from India, thanks for your lovely demo. Subscribed your channel sometime back. Trying to learn from you. My purple became very dark . can I rectify this? is it possible to rectify acrylics mistake by applying white and doing it again ?

  27. Did this watching your video.  Thank you.

  28. Great tip with the last brush!

  29. This is beautiful and you break it down so well that I feel like I can do it even though I've only ever painted one thing in my life! One question for the transfer: do you need the tracing paper for the thinness or could you place the transfer paper under the original printout and follow that with the stylus instead (rather than essentially tracing it twice)? Thank you for sharing this and all your other awesome videos!

  30. I'm often having problems with painting sunset as I would messed up when two colors met… thank you for this clear tutorial n explanation. Hopefully I can get it done well….

  31. nice painting

  32. Please tell me the name of brush which you used for making grass

  33. So this was my first painting at home outside of painting with a twist. I love painting and it I feel like my paints were too thin and I didn't have the right colors. Also k didn't have anything to freehand my giraffes so that wasn't going to happen so I improvised. My painting looks like a preschooler didn't it. I'd love to send you a pic so you can have a good laugh

  34. My Favorite animal and I haven't even painted one yet and it's been 3 years.. that's crazy

  35. Ty for sharing and all my learning.

  36. awesome

  37. Amazing !!! Super easy

  38. Nice painting… But what are the colours u used??

  39. The fan brush technique is great.

  40. Lovely. Thanks heaps. 🙂

  41. I’m not an artist in fact I’m just a 10 year old child who just got some acrylic paint and “16” by “20” canvases and I can’t wait to try this out! It’s seems hard but I think I can do it!

  42. This makes a lot of sense thank you!!!