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Acrylic Fluid Pouring,This Is My Largest Canvas To Date….

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First Of All I Want To Say Thank You So Much To All The New Subscribers To My Channel,Much Appreciated!! In This Video I Guess I Followed The Theory Of, The Rules Are There Are No Rules :-)This Is My Favorite Way To Paint In All Genre`s Of Painting,Except For The Colors I Pretty Much Have No Plan For The Outcome, Once The First Color Hit`s The Canvas, The Rest Flows,Its Intuitive, Its The Best Fun For Me,I Have Always Liking Painting To A Roller Coaster,Most People Who Paint Will Know Where I`m Coming From…..When It Work`s Out, Ie: Flows, It`s The Best Feeling In The World!! On The Other Hand When It Crashes And Burn`s It Feel`s Draining, Like I`m Done With Painting Forever,WHO ARE WE KIDDING! 🙂 Am I Happy With The Outcome Of This Piece? The Answer is I Never Am, But That Is What Keep`s Us Striving For Our Next Quest, As Usual I Learned Lot`s Making This Piece,Thanks For Watching & Happy Pouring!!! Ps I Will Follow With A Video Of How It Dried….

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Music By, Kevin MacLeod
Title: Ambient The Ambient


18 thoughts on “Acrylic Fluid Pouring,This Is My Largest Canvas To Date….

  1. I think I love you! I definitely love your work and being a beginner at this fluid painting you have given me so much more hope to keep trying different methods. Thank you for the inspiration! Can I ask what paints you use in this?

  2. Lindo parabens. Depois voce passa verniz? Obrigado

  3. Amazing colour choices! What’s you mixing recipe for the paint you use?

  4. Looks like the weather systems of Jupiter!

  5. Prachtig

  6. I realized you did this piece while back but I've just seen it and it's amazing. The colors the selling the lacing is all fantastic. I've watched more than a few of your videos and your ideas are fantastic. You go at fluid art different than anyone else and you always end up with something that's eye catching and mind-blowing. Please don't stop. I am new to this form of Art and you give me so much to think about. Thank you

  7. Love this pour . colors are vibrant n the cells are great n lines . lolol the flip of the bird . , lolol . , funny . like your style. Great piece.

  8. Love your work I know what you mean about not ever liking how it turns out but it is beautiful and sometimes you look back and say it's pretty but you could do better but what do you do.

  9. Amazing… Beautiful

  10. Beautiful!…painting is jus amazing & the music too!….Im ready for a nap;)…ty for sharing:)

  11. Do You have pictures of these after they have dried?
    Beautiful thank you for sharing

  12. I love watching you work. Your so creative. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  13. How do you get the cells?

  14. Love so much the peacefulness of watching you…the music, your movements, just the pouring and so on. So many people on the videos have such annoying intrusive voices….not relaxing at all.

  15. Thank you for getting straight to the pouring, I even prefer this angle.


  17. Stunning!

  18. Do you use floetral or any other pouring medium if so what ratio ? Thanks . Great work by the way.