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Abstract Multicolored Splatter Acrylic Painting

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Multicoloured Abstract acrylic painting created with a splattering painting technique. I used an old paintbrush to splash many colors of paint onto a large canvas. This painting really reminds my of a Jackson Pollack. It is fun to play around with paint just to see what you can do with it. 🙂

Large canvas:
mini plastic disposable cups (for mixing water and paint):
Plastic drop sheet (for protecting surfaces):
Old worn out paintbrush (for splattering paint)
black acrylic paint:
brilliant blue acrylic paint:
leaf green acrylic paint:
bright yellow acrylic paint:
light blue acrylic paint:
dark green acrylic paint:
turquoise acrylic paint:
white acrylic paint:
(all paint is acrylic craft paint)



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30 thoughts on “Abstract Multicolored Splatter Acrylic Painting

  1. This is very very pretty !!

  2. Love this! Do you just continue to go in with the other colors one after the other, or do you wait a little bit for them to dry and then layer?

  3. Now this is beautiful!xx

  4. FANTASTIC.can you give hints then n there?fine.

  5. Did this about a month ago. Used green as the base color, and added blue, orange and yellow. I highlighted with black and white. I didn't layer the paint as you did because i wanted the green to come through. By the way, i did this outside in a park.

  6. how mesy was ur work space after this?

  7. Love it❤️❤️❤️

  8. Like it…Like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. beautiful.I was waiting for you to add red/pink/orange but you didn't {sight}

  10. how much water to paint do you use?

  11. Is it good to frame it by sticking onto forex board

  12. Fantastic, another one I will try….the effect is awesome . Thanks so much again!!

  13. wooww ..suprb

  14. Put you in mind of Jackson Pollock

  15. plz provide link. colors may not be easy available in india or any substitute.

  16. Neat toe!!!! Awesome!!!!!

  17. Another Jackson Pollock. Please take that as a compliment.

  18. Now tell me, who is your favourite Rapper?

  19. I didn't like it…

  20. I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  21. This is how i paint. Lol not even if i tried. Flap like a bird.

  22. Superb

  23. I love your paintings but I couldn't find the right way to splatter the paint as you did in THIS video. It seems very easy but it's NOT and it's driving me crazy ! (I already tried different brushes, different "densities" for the paint with less water, more water, etc..) And so far the only thing I got was to ruin a few canvas. Do you have any particular secret or trick about it ? I'd really appreciate your help. Thanks !

  24. And thinking that some people buy art like that for millions of dollars…

  25. This looks fantastic. I tried it but all my brush gives me is dots. I must be doing something wrong – it’s either the color/water ratio or the wrong hand movement?

  26. Very nice

  27. do you use different brushes every time you change colors?

  28. Now you can sell it for $500,000,000