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(53) How to do String Pull with Acrylic paint on canvas..

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How to do String Pull with Acrylic Paint on canvas
Artist Loft paint, black, white, red.
4 parts paint, 1 part Zinsser and water to thin.
Crochet string.


34 thoughts on “(53) How to do String Pull with Acrylic paint on canvas..

  1. You need to change your camera angle. You arms are always in the way.

  2. I am new to this. Did you pour the black onto the canvas?

  3. Belo trabalho!

  4. A great teaching video. I learned a lot but sometimes your hand gets in the way and we can't see what you're doing. Love your work!

  5. The white seem to come out much better than the Reds.

  6. Beautiful!!!

  7. Hi what is Zinsser? is that a silicone or sealer?

  8. Stunning!!! Love your work!

  9. Zinsser is a brand name…what one do you use?? Thanks!

  10. What does the WD 40 do?

  11. I think I got it thanks.

  12. Very beautiful what do you finish the back with.

  13. I have tried the red against the black it looks amazing wet but unfortunatley it dries into the black too much upon drying..such a pity

  14. Very beautiful!!! I will to try too.. Thank you very much!

  15. This is very pretty. The red seems to be more opaque and did not show up as well as the white when the project was still wet. I would love to see it when totally dry.

  16. Your work is Beautiful and instructive. I came on your videos by accident randomly searching for crafts to do with my daughter. But the strangest thing is, I think I used to babysit your kids and my childhood friend dated your brother once upon a time.

  17. I love it! ❤❤❤❤

  18. Great
    I like your video. Thanks

  19. Beautiful! Can’t
    wait to get started myself

  20. Thanx for the technique. Just wish I could have heard you speak.

  21. Maravilhoso. Muito obrigada por compartilhar. Parabéns!!!

  22. Your audio is very low, can hear you talk. The painting is beautiful

  23. Im new to string pull art and a new subscriber. I love this form. I dont know what Zinnser is. Help?. Thank you for sharing.

  24. CAN’T hear you

  25. Try a heaver string

  26. For he red

  27. En mi opinión creo que sería mejor dejar que el negro se seque un poco, o aplicar menos cantidad, para luego hacer las flores.

  28. Do you get any cracking when the paint is drying

  29. Simply Stunning! The contrasting colors are perfect!

  30. Hi. I just came across your video. Beautiful. When it dries, do you varnish and what and how much would you use?? Will the end result be shiny?? I hope so…. Thanks.

  31. Super mooi,kan het ook in het Nederlands vertaalt worden

  32. The red gives it a nice depth. Very inspiring! Thank you for a beautiful visual!

  33. So so slow you should be more organized and much quicker Hard to watch the whole thing

  34. Very pretty, but sounds like you are talking to yourself in a low voice.