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Film and Music by Brian Siskind
Graded with #Filmconvert.

Mural by Guido van Helten.

Special thanks to the Nashville Walls Project.

Filmed with a drone over 17 days in May/June 2017, SCALE is a black and white non-narrative documentary short that proposes a quiet meditation on the notion of scale and perception – featuring world renowned muralist Guido van Helten painting a monolith 200 foot tall abandoned grain silo mural in Nashville.

I aimed to capture something of the feeling and effect that scale wields. What is gained by large scale work and what is perhaps lost? The same work on paper in hand – would it be the same?

I wanted to document the absolute grind of this process as well as the feeling of living with the evolving piece – the slower tempo – the sheer magnitude of the work. No footage is sped up or slowed down. No fade in and out. It is an homage to an incredible amount of hard work, seen through the objectively abstract point of view in monochrome via drone.

This is an 8 minute film festival short film cut of the original 15 minute film.

– Brian Siskind

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