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Espressione di colori by Maurocaribe

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Mauro Di Francescantonio alias Maurocaribe was born on 1962 in Popoli, Abruzzo, Italy.

Self-taught by nature, he is noted for painting abilities at the young age of 11 withthe 1 st prize in the competition (Extemporaneous young painters) town of Popoli,Abruzzo in 1973.

After studying art and is dedicated to drawing with watercolor landscapes and views of its land, water and reflections on wet roads are recurring themes in the works of that period. Then begins the abstraction, action painting, outside the traditional academicism, working through a journey of emotions, loves the action,while the creative energy on shaped canvas.
Mixed media, acrylic enamels and will always be present.
Gallery opens its 1984 workshop “Atelier d’Art” which is also involved in design.

In 1989 participates in the Gift Mart in Florence and is mentioned by the German magazine Gold & Gift for the original design
He travels widely in Europe and in 1996 in South America where it remains forsome years.
Back in Italy fascinated by Latin culture, the colors of the Amazon and Caribbean music.
Begins work on “Abstract Metropolitan” “internal abstraction” and “Amazon”.
Currently dedicated to the project “Aboriginals” 2012.

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