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"Bits and Giggles" Acrylic on Canvas, Patrick Religion

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Patrick Religion is portray “Bits and Giggles” on a medium sized canvas in his studio. The video is a pace portray. Patrick Religion’s methodology is to fold tensional parts on a canvas at once together with his arms, and when the observer perspectives the portray, the observer creates and fulfils the concept that of the portray.


17 thoughts on “"Bits and Giggles" Acrylic on Canvas, Patrick Religion

  1. Just horrible. There is no vision, no ideas, just nothing. 

  2. Very nice work Patrick! Thank you for sharing

  3. horrible

  4. Hi, saying hello as promised:) I do love your art! More!!

  5. look like you paint like me…

  6. The whole thing, the video itself, is a work of art. Amazing. Hypatia

  7. *ducks*
    Don't get that shit in my hair yo -.-

  8. i buy paint from dick blick. when you look at thier web site, the explain the toxicity of each color. there is a little icon next to each color, and i always go for the ones that are completly non-toxic. these colors come in both acrylic and oils now. i mostly use classical primary colors and mix them either on the canvas or my hand (black/white/yellow/red/blue). I try and pick the colors closest to the primary that is non-toxic. I normally have the most problems trying to find a black.

  9. Really … i paint over "done" paintings all the time … your probably right that is was "done" a couple of times … is kind of irritating when i paint over something … and the 2nd painting is worse … but i think that's part of the journey,

  10. kept my guessing as you messed with it everytime i thought it should be done

  11. Did you have a lot of coffee before ou did this painting. You see to be moving awful fast? A severe contrast to your SIM last night…lol.

  12. fascinating to see you work like this, it is putting a spell on me!

  13. Hey Bleep .. still trying to decode "DC" 😉

  14. Hi Gleman ! Noticed you visited my virtual reality installation in second life too … please feel free to IM me any time, I'm also perty fanatical on art theory … as you can see with my tensional approach to space.

  15. Yo JVon … u Rock 😉

  16. Nice one Kolor!

  17. I have a big video of me painting "man before rust", but i wasn't thinking and took off my shirt … so the only thing i can insure is my beer belly.