Khoa Điêu khắc, ĐHNT Huế, đang mở lớp luyện thi miễn phí. Các thí sinh liên hệ thầy Phan Thanh Quang. Số điện thoại: 0935580699. Trân trọng.

Thông báo chiêu sinh thường xuyên Lớp Học Zbrush Online. Chi tiết đăng ký tại:

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  1. Very stetic pose. But for rigging we would need to open the arms a little bit right? So we can reach the arm pits.

    But the job for this purpose is very good and appealing. Thank you

  2. I have to go to bed now but after scrubbing through the timelime I have to say I like what I see. This will definitely help me with my dragon sculpt as it is not the anatomy that is the problem (been studying it for 13 years and always have references), its the actual technique of applying it in Zbrush that gets me every-time. Just watching you sculpted shows me how wrong my method actually was, if you can even call it a method.

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