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How to Paint Clouds Step by Step Acrylic Painting on Canvas for Beginners

In this video, I’ll be showing you how to paint a stormy, cloudy sky with only two colors. This is a good lesson for beginners and up!

I’m painting on a 12×16 stretched canvas, but you can paint on any type and size of canvas you like.

The brushes I use are:
• A 3/4-inch round, natural bristle brush
• And a 1/4-inch round, natural bristle brush

I’m using Liquitex Basics paints in the following colors:
• Titanium White
• Mars Black

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Notice: No part of this video may be reproduced or distributed without written permission from me. The painting demonstrated is owned by the artist and Pandemonium Art Gallery, and may not be reproduced except by individuals for the purpose of learning these techniques. This tutorial and painting presented are not available for commercial purposes and may not be duplicated to be used for classes or commercial sale without written permission from me.

The artwork contained in this video © 2017 by Jane Font All Rights Reserved

“Wonder Cycle” by Chris Zabriskie
Used with permission from

Thank you for watching!


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  1. Hi Jane , I've just come across your channel and the teaching of different techniques is really easy to follow. It has given me a bit of a push to do more painting in acrylic, my efforts thus far have been frustrating me! Thanks for doing these tutorials.

  2. Love the way you teach , just finished on how to use brushes and techniques. I now need to learn how to paint clouds , the way you teach I know I will get it in the end lol . I have watched other painters and they maki look so difficult . So glad you are here to help you are amazing

  3. I was thinking just the same way how Shavauna Ronan thinks. I still have problems with clouds. But i remember your words (not exactly the same) " dont tell me, my this or that work is very bad or i hate it… do your best, if you dont like it, do that again ..just do it" kinda like that words. Yesterday night i tried to paint "Stormy seaside" .. maybe 3 or 4 hours i spend on and off, 2 weeks ago i tried "Cloudy sky" which is black-white and grey..I figured it out my weak sides and i have to try and try again. But the real is painting clouds is fun, if they look like a cloud i am happy…kinda a challenge with brushes … i need right brushes.. its time to shop from Jane"s web site 🙂

  4. Best tutorial on clouds. Great explanation on each strokes. Thank you so much. I've watched numerous videos on how to paint clouds and this is the BEST

  5. This is the best video I have seen on clouds. I have been so frustrated with painting clouds and have wanted to give up. You explain everything in such detail and go slow enough so I can paint right along with you. I just love your video's. You have such a calm and soothing voice which helps me stay calm. I now want to practice using your techniques more often then I was. I am 60 years old and always wanted to paint but didn't think I could ever learn but I am now actually painting something besides stick men. lol

  6. Your tutorial is the best one I've found thus far. However the music is putting me to sleep and making me dizzy..I find myself distracted by the loop.

  7. GREAT LESSON ! For the first time you, as an instructor, took time to show how to use the brush to obtain the effect you need to set off your clouds. It helped me get the effect I wanted. Your lesson on abstract was also GREAT and I found your remarks on your mental approach preparing to create the abstract presentation. THANKS FOR YOUR EFFORTS AS A TEACHER

  8. Jane, thank you so much for this tutorial. My question. Are your brushes, firm like the natural bristle brush you are using in this painting and others that I have watched. Most that I can find in my area are very soft and they crumble when trying to scrub in the paint.

  9. Great video. thank you. mostly inspired by your remark about how much practice you needed and to hang in there and be patient, kinda like learning to play the guitar. well i did and have improved very well under such advice. The guitar practise is going well too. again, thank you. vini.

  10. amazing it looks pretty simple but it's not, I'm trying these for my college wall art. hope I could thanks for this illustration it helps me 2 much or say 2,3,4,… much

  11. You have a way of explaining that is so easy to understand. You never forget to say what brushes you each time you change, u explain the paint loading little things like that helps a lot when your new. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  12. Between your smoky backgrounds tutorial, and this one, I am FINALLY getting somewhere! Finally getting the hang of clouds and skies…my big goal. Thank you for all the encouragement and instruction! I am so much happier!

  13. Hi Jane, I loved this video. Clouds are intimidating. You took the time to show how step by step the clouds eventually look great. Appreciate your honesty about how clouds bothered you too!
    You are an amazing artist and a great teacher. Thank you so much.

  14. Jane, you are one of the most underrated painters on YouTube!!! Your tutorials are easy to follow. I’ve done several of your paintings and I am so happy how they come out! It makes me want to keep on trying! AND thank you for not putting in a bunch of chatter about silly things. I’m here for the lesson! We can tell jokes later! Ha! These husband/wife teams wear me out!!!!!!! And frankly, if I wanted to chit chat and NOT paint, I’d go to a chat room somewhere else! Thank you again for being so patient, on task, and encouraging!!!!

  15. Awwe Jane, What a sweetie! Thank you for practicing and practicing. Because of you I think I finally get it. lol You are so sincere and such a pleasure. I appreciate you and your efforts for teaching us out here. Thanks again Jane!

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