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How to draw easy poppies painting / Demonstration /Acrylic Technique on canvas by Julia Kotenko

How to draw easy poppies painting / Demonstration /Acrylic Technique on canvas by Julia Kotenko

The colors that I use: Black, Gray, White, Red

Please write in the comments what you would like to see more on my channel, I is very important to know.

In this video, I will show how easy it is to paint an abstract flower picture with acrylic paints on canvas.
Try to draw, I believe that you will succeed. It is very interesting to look at your pictures. Send your photos to me by email: and I will show your work to a separate video.

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And thank you very much for watching my channel.
Your Julia Kotenko.


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  1. You do beautiful paintings.I have learned how to draw some flowers,but painting them is not so good. You make it look so easy.wish you would list exact brushes that you use to paint.

  2. Hi Julia
    Thank you for time in sharing your work.
    Since I'm new to painting, I have found that there's so many people who have different ways of painting poppies. It looks like yours is the easiest.
    Can I ask what do you do with your left over paint colors?

  3. Bonjour Julia,
    J'adore tout ce que vous faites. Je me suis inspirée de votre modèle, je débute la peinture pour occuper ma retraite. Merci de me dire ce que vous en pensez. À bientôt pour d'autres vidéos… artistiquement votre..
    Je crois que je ne peux pas joindre la photo..

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