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“Homeward Bound” 3-Dimensional Rope Painting created in Con Dao, Vietnam on June 13, 2014

Six Senses Con Dao Hosts Contemporary Artist Paul Frank Wagner For Live Installation “Homeward Bound”
CON DAO, Vietnam.

Six Senses Con Dao presents a unique live art event in the late afternoon on Friday, June 13, 2014. The island hideaway will exclusively host artist Paul Frank Wagner as he unveils his latest installation titled “Homeward Bound.” This live exhibition is influenced by the annual turtle season.

His rope installation will occupy a space of roughly 377 square feet (35 square meters) and be centrally located in the resort’s Marketplace; much of the material on display will come from the island’s fishermen. Improvised over a few hours, the life-sized piece will then be scaled down and sold at the resort through a silent auction which will run from June to September. All proceeds will go to the resort’s Turtle Club Fund which was established to provide swimming lessons to the children of Con Son Island.

Paul Frank Wagner is a contemporary artist based in Paris. His art is strongly influenced by his time living in NYC. Paul’s primary inspiration originates from his fascination for Christo’s work with material and bound with rope. Paul came upon this ideal by removing the central component to reveal the highlight: rope. He said, “The use of rope as my primary material essentially aims to promote a revolutionary art, free from any convention and power of structure.”

Texture, accessibility, upcycling, and, most importantly, an ability to both connect and free distinct elements are the reasons Paul has chosen to use rope in his artwork. He has created and developed a unique art form of 3D rope painting; suspending a frame with ropes through walled anchors. Each installation is truly unique; intrinsically enhanced by the ambience, acoustics, atmosphere, and audience.

The summer season of the turtles will be the key influence when Paul lays the first rope and serve as the inspiration for “Homeward Bound.” “When I decided to exhibit in Vietnam I wanted a unique setting for my work and Six Senses Con Dao is the perfect venue which is as much a part the work as the installation itself. I like the title of “Homeward Bound” as the home can be easily associated back to the frame in my work. The context of bound is the ropes on the frame. I think it also works for Six Senses as a home away from home where the journey of the sea turtles instinctively finding home; coming back to familiar shores to lay their eggs is repeated year after year. They are nature’s guests coming back to the resort to rest. I will associate the idea of these traveling sea turtles and the resort guests when I create around the frame,” said Wagner.

Giovanni M. Luna, artist and contemporary art critic, summarizes Paul’s passion, “The viewer is entirely captured by the tornado of entwined cords that creates an abstract, yet extremely humane landscape; one is inevitably intrigued by the discipline and virtuosity through which beauty is obtained. The tension and contortions of the rope paintings, brought to their essence by the hands of the artist, give the viewer an intimate feeling that goes beyond anything of a tangible realm.”

Paul Frank Wagner was born in Boulogne-Billancourt, France in 1970. Raised in New York City, he studied art history at the University of Vermont and worked in the luxury goods industry before becoming an independent artist. Today, he travels the world creating installations in the most unique locations in the world, which result in one-of-a-kind rope paintings.

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