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Hibiscus Flower STEP by STEP Acrylic Painting on Canvas (ColorByFeliks)

In this painting tutorial we will learn step by step how to paint a hibiscus flower using acrylic paints on canvas. I will teach you which painting techniques to use and how to blend your own colors. Let’s have some fun, hope you enjoy!

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-Naphthol Red Light:

-Ultramarine Blue:

-Cadmium Yellow Light:

-Titanium White:

-Carbon Black:

-ColorByFeliks M1 Blending Brush:

-Cheap Artist Loft Brush Kit (I used #8, 6, 4):


-Palette Knife:

All work ©ColorByFeliks and may only be recreated for the purpose of learning


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  1. This is lovely! As for the background, if I paint the background colors and let it dry overnight, can I start painting the flower the next day? Or will the background smear? I don't have any sort of sealing material that I can put over the background, I don't know if this is necessary.

  2. Thanks Feliks this inspires me to try out some flower painting. It would be useful to be able to see the reference photo as you are painting if that would be possible 🙂

  3. Can you do a few paintings on flowers like bouquets or just flowers scattered in lakes. I would really like to learn from you. I've been following your tips and I can see myself improving! Thanks alot for the tutorial.

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