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Gwangsun Choi

Kwangsun Choi pays attention to changes without regard to the form or genre of painting. This is enlightenment he got by facing nature directly and ceaselessly expressing his thoughts on diversity he comes to have while he pursues abundant production. It is connected to our intellectual history in that he sees form and the formlessness as one and feels the concrete in the abstract and the latter in the former. As he senses time and spirit in forms and colors and the realistic form of nature, which starts from the very site, appears as an image of mind, his work comes to have a necessary and sufficient condition of being in the name of art, which secures eternity. This is the formlessness cheerful and vivid in Kwangsun Choi’s form and at the same time ‘imaginal nature’ as Art Critic Hang-seop Shin puts it.

Written by Hwasaan Kang (Artist & Editor-in-Chief of Vergil America)

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