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Garment Copyrights & Gathering Fabric in Marvelous Designer

In this video, I’ll explain the Copyright laws as they apply to fashion designs and how to create realistic gathers in Marvelous Designer.

The full Marvelous Designer project file for the peasant skirt is available over at the website –

2010 Ted Talk on Fashion Copyrighting –


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  1. Lori Thank you for your detailed tutorials. They help beginners a lot.
    I have a problem with animation. When I play animation, the avatar moves but the garment stays in position.

    I follow the steps mentioned on MD Help (please see below): Load the animation track. Use File>Open>Joint Motion, but it does not work. Maybe you faced the same problems before and would be able to help me. Thank you.

    The script from MD Help:
    It's a two-stage process, (once you have your garment made, of course!).
    Go into the Animation room and look at the various buttons/menus to
    familiarize yourself.
    1. Load the animation track. Use File>Open>Joint Motion
    this does is attach the movement sequence to the avatar. If you
    'scrub' the animation at the point, all you see will be the avatar
    moving, but the garment stays in position. If you are not using one
    of the supplied animations (Ie., you are creating your own in some other
    program and importing it), you will want a transition, from the
    construction position of the avatar, to the point where the animation
    starts. You can see this in one of the supplied animations: the avatar
    'slides' backwards to the beginning of the catwalk sequence. If you do
    not have this in your created animation block, you will need to
    physically move the garment to that starting position by itself.

  2. is it possible to get into super details in this program? i'm looking to make ruffles . like this video:

    but he is using 3ds max. are you familiar with this program? which program is faster?

  3. 2:33 This is why i don't understand people buying brand name anything. All you're doing is saying "I spent too much money on this logo."

  4. Hi, im a 3D artist and been working in Marvelous Designer for a while now.
    first of all thank you for useful tutorials,
    and second, I would like to ask a question:
    I want to continue working in Marvelous Designer but im a bit worried about job opportunities!! is it easy to find a job!!! can you please help me with this question.

  5. I really love your videos!!
    Pleaseeee show us how to do stripes. Cause all my stripes become twist or break through the neck. I've tryed to make a Single front blouse but i'm getting crazy.

  6. Hi Lori, is there any tutorial on how to do the straps? I am working on swimwear but there has to be a tutorial on spagetti straps or bikini ties. Thanks!!

  7. I just made this outfit. I ended removing all the gravity, sewing all the "teers" for the front together and then the back together. Place the already simulated front and back pieces around my model. Sewed the seams to connect the front and back, added the gravity back and then did the simulation again. Worked really well for me and wasn't sluggish at all. Hopefully that made sense and is helpful to other people trying to make something similar! I also tried the body suit idea that you mentioned and that worked perfectly!
    Thanks for the great tutorial

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