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💙Freestyle Portray on HUGE 36 x 48 Canvas – Acrylic Pour Demonstration💙

💙Freestyle Portray on HUGE 36 x 48 Canvas – Acrylic Pour Demonstration💙
Acrylic Pour 91 – Blue Danube HUGE – Huge Canvas Portray
This time I promised myself I’d concern much less concerning the digicam and extra concerning the portray. I sought after to permit myself time to experiment and play. I sought after time to increase an concept somewhat than give an explanation for and observe via with a selected methodology. I’m more than pleased with the way in which this acrylic pour portray grew to become out. And it’s HUGE! It’s painted on a 36″ x 48″ canvas. Please take a look at the second one section, that I will be able to put up on Monday, the place I coat the overall product in resin. The general paintings is GORGEOUS with the RESIN!
Additionally, take a look at my RESIN PLAYLIST!

Fluid Artwork, huge acrylic pour “freestyle” portray.
What do you assume?

Paint manufacturers, pigments and recipe indexed beneath!

Courtney Hoelscher – Artist / Trainer
I’m a full-time artist and teacher.
I supply Acrylic Pour portray tutorials and demonstrations.
It’s amusing to make those artwork but in addition amusing to simply watch the method.
I exploit handiest archival skilled high quality merchandise and not use silicone in my artwork.
You probably have any questions please be happy to touch me. I like sharing my interest and information.
My artwork is to be had right here:
Twitter: @choelscherart

Subscribe to my Channel –

Colours used on this portray:
Golden Fluid Acrylics;
-Ultramarine Blue
-indigo aggregate
-Titanium White

Paint Recipe:
Each and every paint colour is blended with
3x GAC800, 2x Floetrol, 1x paint

Laid Again Guitars via Kevin MacLeod is approved underneath a Inventive Commons Attribution license (

Johann Strauss II / Blue Danube


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  1. Как меня вдохновляет этот цветовой минимализм!! Не каждый художник рискнет использовать две краски для своей композиции!!! часто заливки акрилом пестрят многообразием цвета. У Вас определенно есть вкус и чувство меры. Первыми я увидела Ваши работы, которые выполнены только черной и белой. Это было чудесно!!! Сейчас я вижу как малыми средствами достигается большое. Хороший результат. Даже не знаю музыка иллюстрирует картину, или картина музыку!?? Все стало единым! Спасибо…

  2. You really looked like you were enjoying yourself with great results……Thanks for the resin playlist and just so you know I ENVY your work space……LOL! You can dance the Waltz in there while you paint! 🙂

  3. Presentation and your process, a win for all of us. Thanks. 36×48 canvas or wood panel? If canvas, how do you support the canvas to keep the resin from pooling? You’ve got a great space to create!

  4. Maybe next time you get the crevices and crazing, you can sand it down lightly, then maybe gesso or primer it before painting. I love the way you experiment, it's beautiful!

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