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Fluid-Art. BIG CANVAS: 6 "flip cup" Ocean theme. Acrylic paint pouring painting

Lots of paint and colour. Lots of fun. 50x60cm. Love it when you flip the cup!
6 flip cups with negative space on a big canvas. beautiful cells.

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Over the artist:
Hi. My name is Santana Hagedorn ans artist for acrylic paint pouring and fluid art from the Netherlands. This form of abstract and modern decorative painting is done with Acrylics brought to the right consistency with various pouring mediums, oils and additives. By moving the paint layers, playing with different tools or adding heat I create different effects. Very messy and very fun. The Paintings can be don’t know canvas, MDF frames, tiles or other flat surfaces. Can also be used to make daily items and gifts unique f.ex. little boxes or ornaments.
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  1. This looks interesting…is there any commentary from you, I had turn off the music. Sorry …. this is of course your painting mode…so I respect that all the way!

  2. Ok, ya'll chill on the music. Bold attempts require bold music…get over it. If we all liked the same thing, i.e. music, dress code,language, etc., what a very boring and unartful world it would be. Open your mind a little, broaden your horizons and realize the only way you will be "offended" is if you don't know your own boundaries. 'Nuf Said.Beautiful work, my dear. Let's go build us a tilting platform…..that would be both a challenge and a great tool! Keep up the great work!

  3. Do you recommend any particular brand of torch? Are these filled with regular gas or something else? I've been using a heat gun, but wonder if it's as effective as a torch? Thank you, this is really beautiful…I'm just learning and want to do this to an old door I'm going to use as a desktop in my studio, so seeing you do a big pour like this is extraordinarily helpful! Bobbi

  4. What does adding the alcohol do to the silicone/curing ? Would you be able to do a top coat of resin? Or would the silicon oil alter the curing? Thanks soo much for such a wonderful video!

  5. Nicely done, but as much as I loved the final product, I think the initial pour actually looked more appealing before you did the tilting. Thank you for sharing.

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