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Black, White & Gold with Gold Foil Flakes – Acrylic Fluid Painting Technique Pour

A black, white & gold acrylic pour technique which I used silicone, Floetrol and Elmer’s Glue to create cells. Then I applied gold foil flakes to the acrylic paint for a three dimensional effect, and it really added a lot of sparkle. Also, touched the fluid painting up with a light amount of black sand in the center.

I used a 8 x 8 Artist’s Loft Brand gallery wrap canvas from Michael’s.


Silicone Oil:

Wagner Brand of Embossing Tool:


Black Flow Acrylic Paint (Gloss) by Artist’s Loft:

White Acrylic (Gloss) by Arteza:

Metallic “Deep Gold” Acrylic (Gloss) by Amsterdam Paints:






Elmer’s Glue-All:

Distilled Water:

Craft Sticks (Popsicle Sticks Wood):

Palette Knife (comes in 6pc set):


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  1. Dear Carl , I like your work a lot and as an german expression – no one invented the wheel again. will say. Even if you refer to someone, we all do that in a kind of way. I use Gold flakes for so many years in pictures or on ornaments but never poured a picture, so what 😉 Love this picture and will definetely try that out. Thanks a lot 🙂

  2. when you started with the gold foil, I thought 'oh no…ewwww' but oh my gosh this is gorgeous!  Scraping it to make it random made all the difference!  Beautiful!!!!

  3. Carl Mazur your videos are great to teach this newbie some new and different ideas! As for the edible gold – it is real gold but as expensive as the real gold leaf in packets. Anything that is sold at the craft stores is NOT real gold – most of it is sprayed copper or ??? because it would break the bank of most crafters (one sheet of 3.5" x 3.5" real gold leaf is approximately $3.00 and very difficult to work with because it is extremely thin, fly away and full of static). You should try real silver foil – it is thicker than silver leaf and easier to work with, not so temperamental, not sticky and way cheaper (about $20 a 25 sheet booklet vs $50 a book for thin gold leaf). I know this info because I had a lampworking business for 10 years that used lots of silver foil in my beads but very little gold because of its fragile nature. Hope this helps!

  4. Hmm, just out of curiosity do you think resin as a top coat would work? Im thinking you may need 2-3 coats but it would definitely shine! You’d most likely lose the texture aspect though. Loved this painting, want to give something like this a try sometime!

  5. Great job, fist time I’ve watched your video and love this result. I’m relatively new to this and have just purchased some cheap gold leaf to use like you’ve done. Do you think by covering with art resin may prevent the tarnish.? …..i use the same « paint recipe » with floetrol , thanks again!

  6. Ive heard that you should ideally let your canvass cure for some time before varnishing but no om
    Ne ever says how long
    Since you are the master of varnishing i wonder what you have to say about that though i see you have varnished this right away
    Thanks for a great idea Carl

  7. Wow every time I try to add a gold or bronze acrylic it never binds to the floetrol is it because I don't add glue? I love the gold leaf is a great touch! And the varnish I didn't know!

  8. Really beautiful. Yes you’re right about the iPhones I have one of those that’s doing the same thing we are all disappointed we cannot get a clear picture especially to post it on Facebook or take a video it does not stay focused never again iPhone going to Samsung for sure ASAP

  9. Binder? I use liquidex pm, flotrol , distilled water and have a quart of it ready then 3/1 paints. I never use craft paints in my paints and a better silicone. So what is my binder?
    At least your video isn't as boring as some of the hundreds I have watched, no boring music or background noise. Thank you

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