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Acrylic Pouring (04) Canvas Prep & Mini Turn and Drag

How I prep my canvas, report albums and a mini turn and drag.

Artwork to be had right here:


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  1. HI, am correct that your white is actually house paint?? Do you add floetrol or something else to it?? if so how much??

  2. It is much easier to put in push pins, screws etc with a pilot hole. You always risk splitting the frame, but whatever floats your boat.

  3. Thank you for all of your very clear and helpful instructions. It’s very generous of you to share the results of what must be a lot of behind the scenes time and effort. I do have a question about the torch. I apologize in advance if you covered this and I missed it. I work in a studio that doesn’t allow flames of any sort, and I was hoping I could use a heat gun instead. Do you have any advice about that? Thanks so much!

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