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Acrylic Inks with Pouring Medium

Fun, playful abstract painting technique using pouring medium and acrylic inks.
Supplies needed:
Gessoed canvas or panel
squeeze bottle or mixing cup
pouring medium
soft body or fluid acrylics for tinting p pouring medium
acrylic inks (I’m using phthalo blue, vivid lime green and deep turquoise here.)

1:13 mix soft body or fluid paint with pouring medium
2:34 Pour mixture of pouring medium and paint on canvas however you like.
4:00 drop inks into the puddles of pouring medium and watch them over time.
4:19 Remember to GENTLY shake acrylic inks to disperse settled pigment particles throughout the binder.
Everyone can enjoy the effects of color and movement regardless of training or experience in drawing or painting.
time lapse of what happens to the inks over 15 minutes.

how to use pouring medium:

how to keep the canvas level here: ::art inspired by meditation, daily life & nature connection:: ::commit yourself more fully to your art practice::
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  1. Hi what brand of primer would Yiu recommend for acrylic medium? I am a beginner and also want to know if varnish is good or bad for the painting? Thanks

  2. can I Use water instead of pouring medium?
    someone said it maybe ok if I am doing this on a mix media or watercolor paper
    while some others have told me as long as it's no more than 50%
    thing is I want my paintings to last and the info I get is confusing

    what are your thoughts?

  3. Hi It would have nice to see the finished product after it dried…And all that wonderful colour pouring off the corner eeeek!
    I hope you were able to reuse that wasted ink?

  4. Hello Michele, I've watched several of your videos and have learned so much. Thank you for putting those videos together. I do have a question. I've been trying to create a vibrant and bold red using my pouring medium. However, when I mix my red acrylic paint with Liquitex Pouring Medium my paint color turns pink. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thank you in advance 🙂

  5. This may sound strange but I’m an insulin user. The insulin in the vial can’t have air bubbles. But they are two part and separate like your ink does. I roll the bottle between my hands so it mixes and no bubbles.

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