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Abstract Multicolored Splatter Acrylic Painting

Multicoloured Abstract acrylic painting created with a splattering painting technique. I used an old paintbrush to splash many colors of paint onto a large canvas. This painting really reminds my of a Jackson Pollack. It is fun to play around with paint just to see what you can do with it. 🙂

Large canvas:
mini plastic disposable cups (for mixing water and paint):
Plastic drop sheet (for protecting surfaces):
Old worn out paintbrush (for splattering paint)
black acrylic paint:
brilliant blue acrylic paint:
leaf green acrylic paint:
bright yellow acrylic paint:
light blue acrylic paint:
dark green acrylic paint:
turquoise acrylic paint:
white acrylic paint:
(all paint is acrylic craft paint)



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(from the Youtube Audio Library)
“Hustle” by Kevin MacLeod
“Surf Shimmy” by Kevin MacLeod
“Highway Wildflowers” by Bird Creek
“Surfing Llama” by Bird Creek


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  1. Love this! Do you just continue to go in with the other colors one after the other, or do you wait a little bit for them to dry and then layer?

  2. Did this about a month ago. Used green as the base color, and added blue, orange and yellow. I highlighted with black and white. I didn't layer the paint as you did because i wanted the green to come through. By the way, i did this outside in a park.

  3. I love your paintings but I couldn't find the right way to splatter the paint as you did in THIS video. It seems very easy but it's NOT and it's driving me crazy ! (I already tried different brushes, different "densities" for the paint with less water, more water, etc..) And so far the only thing I got was to ruin a few canvas. Do you have any particular secret or trick about it ? I'd really appreciate your help. Thanks !

  4. This looks fantastic. I tried it but all my brush gives me is dots. I must be doing something wrong – it’s either the color/water ratio or the wrong hand movement?

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