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(53) How to do String Pull with Acrylic paint on canvas..

How to do String Pull with Acrylic Paint on canvas
Artist Loft paint, black, white, red.
4 parts paint, 1 part Zinsser and water to thin.
Crochet string.


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  1. I have tried the red against the black it looks amazing wet but unfortunatley it dries into the black too much upon drying..such a pity

  2. This is very pretty. The red seems to be more opaque and did not show up as well as the white when the project was still wet. I would love to see it when totally dry.

  3. Your work is Beautiful and instructive. I came on your videos by accident randomly searching for crafts to do with my daughter. But the strangest thing is, I think I used to babysit your kids and my childhood friend dated your brother once upon a time.

  4. Hi. I just came across your video. Beautiful. When it dries, do you varnish and what and how much would you use?? Will the end result be shiny?? I hope so…. Thanks.

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