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(132) Flower dips on a mini canvas! acrylic portray diptych fluid artwork

Only a few flower dips this night with left over paint! Go with the flow artwork acrylic paint acrylic portray! diptych, small canvas artwork, mini canvas

Colours: cobalt steel, paynes gray, cerulean blue, copper, gold, dioxazine crimson, white

Space paint base: 50% semigloss space paint, 50% floetrol, water for consistency.

Pm: floetrol, gloss medium 50/50

My Amazon retailer entrance for pouring provides:


#mollysartistry #flowerdips #acrylicart


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  1. Absolutely beautiful Molly! I'm completely new to acrylic Paint pouring so please excuse my ignorance. Do you use latex semi-gloss house paint just for the white base? And is it still wet when you start pouring the acrylic colours on top? Many thanks.

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