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(131) Acrylic pouring fluid artwork Satin teeth tree ring pour! cloud impact canvas acrylic portray

Acrylic pouring fluid artwork thinned paint experiments proceed! Satin teeth tree ring pour!

Experiment time once more! I pulled inspiration from from bonnie Keane, melyd, and elyse Fournier, Gina deluca. There are a ton of artist that I’m certain aren’t in this record that use skinny paints, those are only a few!

Colours used:white, paynes gray, silver, gold

White paint: semi gloss space paint, 25 p.c satin teeth, water for consistency.

Pm: floetrol, gloss medium varnish 50/50, combined 1 section paint to two portions PM with water for consistency.

My Amazon retailer entrance for pouring provides:

If you want to strengthen me

cloud impact canvas acrylic portray


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  1. Haha when you zoom in to the center, I clearly see a bull’s nostrils! Beautiful color combination and interesting softness. Lots to enjoy in this painting! Thanks so much for sharing, Molly!

  2. I love the centre!
    I think you needed to pour thin paint all over the canvas before you poured your ring. You can that where you got your cells us where you had the thinned paint. I don't think it's the gloss medium…

  3. It is Beautiful….. You may want to try Micheal's Artist Loft Flow Acrylic White, That is what some other artists are using with the DecoArt Satin enamel paint. Hope that helps.

  4. obsessed with that center! have you done another video like this just using floetrol/gac 800 yet? Curious to know how that turns out. This is exactly what I'm looking to do!

  5. Fantastic as always Molly!! Do you notice a difference between satin enamel paint from DecoArt and regular satin enamel house paint??

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