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(037) Ice Cube Tray Meets Canvas Acrylic Pouring

This was fun!

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Please be cautious while doing acrylic pouring. Perform in a well ventilated area, wear a respirator, have a fire extinguisher next to you and just have fun!!


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  1. very cool! I see from one of your posts that you're near Raleigh. I'm nearby, too! Do you have a physical studio/ gallery where you sell your art? Or have classes?

  2. At first I was skeptical because the colors were all muted, but now Wow! Especially Love how your two right stripes were opening up.
    Did you say the brand of paints? Metallics? If you take requests msg me! Love your work. Monica 🙂

  3. technique intéressante, stimulante pour imaginer les couleurs à mélanger sur la toile, bravo
    interesting technique, stimulating to imagine the colors to mix on the canvas, bravo

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