Khoa Điêu khắc, ĐHNT Huế, đang mở lớp luyện thi miễn phí. Các thí sinh liên hệ thầy Phan Thanh Quang. Số điện thoại: 0935580699. Trân trọng.

Thông báo chiêu sinh thường xuyên Lớp Học Zbrush Online. Chi tiết đăng ký tại:

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  1. hey Michael!
    Just wanted to let you know you can turn off the active subtool by clicking the eyeball too ! they changed it in R8!

  2. So F360 lets you take almost any edge and bevel it with a few clicks. The hard edge shown here could use that for baking. Is there a way to do this in R8, or do we still need to set polygroups by edge angle and hope for the best? Polish is an option, but apart from masking, im not sure how else to control what specific edges get that polish.

  3. Hey Michael, finally making my way through this playlist! As I'm following along with this one I'm having a weird issue with zmodeler insert single edgeloop where it is wanting to scale out my edgeloop to the size of the brush. My few attempts at google searching for the issue didn't turn anything up. Is it a modifier somewhere that I accidentally turned on?

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